In a world of chaos, the PLAI mobile app will streamline & centralise your entire sports program into one, easy to use mobile application.


Cash slippage is the biggest problem in community sport. Your new digital payment gateway will remove the barriers between you & your revenue.


The PLAI mobile app is proven to improve team engagement, with participants receiving greater detail about key events to support within your program.

Introducing, PLAI

When world leading tech, meets unparalleled sports expertise.

PLAI, is sports team administration, made simpler. Our mobile & web solution streamlines EVERYTHING that a modern day sports club requires, into one place. The PLAI mobile app.

We empower sports teams, clubs, schools and organisations across five continents, to maximise their revenue & minimise their cash slippage, through the delivery of a digital payment gateway that maximises transaction flow, removing the barriers that currently sit between sports teams and their revenue.

We save our teams thousands of dollars per year. 

No Subscriptions, No Fuss

PLAI supports more than 120 sports covering 175 regions.

Our secret sauce, PLAI is delivered FREE of any recurring subscription model… sport is for everybody, not just those who can afford it.

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PLAI is built by the brains behind the technology used by Nike, Sony, eBay, Manchester United, the Rajasthan Royals, Leicestershire County Cricket Club, Volkswagen and a host of other global brands.

When industry leading tech, meets industry leading sports professionals…

PLAI happens.



On a scale of 1 to “please stop messaging me in the middle of the night”, it’s fair to say that team communications are inherently fractured.

PLAI will centralise all of your communications into one, easy to use mobile application.



Ditch the endless spreadsheets, shut down your endless WhatsApp groups…

Players can no provide their availability for training, fixtures and events in just a couple of clicks on the PLAI mobile app.



Whether you’re announcing your team selections, or tracking the children that attended the program this week…

Selection & availability tracking has never been simpler and is available at your fingertips.


The average cash slippage at community sports clubs is estimated at 14% annually.

Well, not anymore. The PLAI payment gateway removes the barriers between your team and its revenue.


We know how important your data is. PLAI is a GDPR compliant company and helps you to centralise and organise your big data at the team, club or organisation through which you support.

we answer one simple question

Could you benefit from smoother sports administration?

The Problem

Sport is a volunteer driven industry.

It’s parents coaching from the car park, washing kits & preparing the half time snacks. It’s real people, with real families and full time jobs.

Running a community sports program is often priority number 3, at best. And with people more time poor than ever, sport is suffering.

Cash slippage is destroying the foundation of promising programs. Jonny forgets his wallet, promises to pay next week… he forgets, you forget – Sound familiar?

PLAI is here to help to unburden sports most important people, whilst better enabling programs to maximise revenue through the delivery of a safe & secure digital payment gateway.


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What Our Clients are Saying

PLAI have been a huge support to us. Without them, this project would’ve been 10 times harder to run. The platform they’ve developed is easy to understand & the team at PLAI have been so helpful.”

James Fielding

Head Coach, Indoor Cricket School at Lords Cricket Ground

Reconciliation of cash paid to the club has always been a pain point. It is now an easy weekly task and no longer an end of season chore of significance. The introduction of Payment Plans and the ability to “Request a Payment” are especially helpful.

Martin Scott

Treasurer, Dartford Cricket Club in the UK

From the outset, it has been very easy to work with PLAI particularly with their reliability & efficiency in tackling all questions & concerns at all hours of the day.”

Ady Lee

Team Captain, The Hong Kong Cricket Club

Using PLAI has made it so much simpler for us to collect match fees – It has stopped the excuse of, “I haven’t got any cash so we’ll pay next week“. Our revenue is up, we would absolutely recommend PLAI.”

Steve Hirst

Team Captain, Nuxley Cricket Club in the UK

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