What is PLAI?

PLAI is Sports Team Administration, made simpler. An industry leading solution, that will streamline and centralise EVERYTHING that a modern day program needs, into one place. The PLAI mobile app. 

Built with the volunteer in mind, the platform is so clean, simple and it couldn’t be easier to navigate.

We’re LIVE in over 175 countries, supporting 110 Sports – With already thousands of active users & hugely significant adopters at the early stage, that include the Marylebone, the Hong Kong, Kowloon and Singapore Cricket Clubs. These four Clubs alone have a collective 27,000 members and represent just four of hundreds of Teams & Clubs that’ve engaged with PLAI this year.

Best of all, PLAI is delivered free of any monthly or annual subscription model.

Sport is for everybody, not just those that can afford a subscription. For our teams, this means the delivery of a world leading system with no strings attached. No contract, no commitment, no risk.

What is a Team Administrator?

A Team Administrator has full access to all key platform features, as they (well, you!) are in charge of coordinating your team’s PLAI account!

You have special privileges, to CREATE NEWS, EVENTS and LINKS or external integrations. You are also responsible for creating a TEAM STRIPE ACCOUNT (at https://dashboard.stripe.com/register). Once created, you can simply CONNECT YOUR STRIPE ACCOUNT to your PLAI Team Page via the PLAI Web Portal (accessible via www.plaisport.com).

We typically recommend that team administrators run their teams via the PLAI Web Platform, accessible via the PLAI website at www.plaisport.com, albeit almost all primary organisational components are fully functional on the PLAI Mobile App!

Don’t forget, with great power comes great responsibility…

What's the role of a Team or Club admin?

You are a leader in your team and can send NEWS articles, create EVENTS, SELECT TEAMS, COLLECT FEES or send PAYMENT LINKS via your TEAM SHOP, manage MEMBERS and so much more!

Welcome to the big leagues!

There’s a feature that we want that you don’t currently have, what do we do?


We will forever adopt a ‘grow with you’ mentality and if there’s stuff that you need that we don’t currently have – We’ll move heaven and earth to make it happen!


1. OPEN YOUR PLAI MOBILE APP and click the SETTINGS button in the bottom right of screen

2. CLICK “SUBMIT A FEATURE REQUEST” and complete the short form

Your submission goes direct into a number of Inboxes including that of our CEO (Global) at PLAI. This guarantees that you have a voice at the leadership table.

Your voice will be heard, within every conversation about where we go and how we get there!

People first. Always.

Can I create multiple teams on PLAI?


Sport isn’t about restrictions!

Do I have to be logged into www.plaisport.com to manage the team?

NO! Our Mobile App is just so well equipped for you to manage your team direct from your handset.

On the bus? No stress. On the Train? It’s fine! Just open your App and get to work!

There are however some more powerful features available to you within our web portal (accessible by LOG IN at www.plaisport.com) including:

> Team Shop Management
> Bulk Uploading of Events & Members
> Payment Tracking and more!

Bottom line, do what you want… you have complete control.

How much does PLAI cost?

The answer to this question is our absolute lifeblood.

It’s good news, we promise…

We believe that sport is for everybody

 In turn and unlike our competitors, we REFUSE to charge our Teams and Clubs any Monthly or Annual subscription fees to utilise our service!

You have unrestricted access to all parts of the PLAI platform and we’re delighted to deliver to you a product that comes without cost, contract, commitment or risk.

It’s just fundamentally what we believe to be the right thing to do!

We only generate revenue, when you generate revenue. We will receive a small percentage of any sales that transact through the Team Shop function. This is typically no more than a couple of percent per transaction which creates the necessary budget for us to continue to grow, scale & add to your experience on PLAI.

If you’re not making money, we’re not making money.

You’re protected on every transaction.

We take on the risk. Simples.

How can PLAI help us?

How long do you have… well, in a nut-shell:

> We guarantee to save you time, so you can do more of the things you love with the people you love.

> We guarantee to further professionalise your Team or Club, through our industry leading solution.

> The PLAI Team Shop will maximise your revenue & minimise cash slippage, our Club Tip feature additionally brings a new revenue stream to your team (really, check it out, it’s a game-changer).

Our support will enable you to focus less on simply maintaining & instead, spend more time growing & developing your program.

Or, just having a life away from your Club!

We all deserve it.

How can I stop people from joining my team, such as opposition players?

As a Team Administrator, you have complete control – A new player can only join your team if:

> A Team Administrator uploads them in or;

> A Team Administrator accepts the user request to join the team!

So, don’t worry, there won’t be any snooping and we give you complete control of your team!

What if a member doesn’t have a smartphone?

Don’t worry!

They can access all our great features via our web portal at www.plaisport.com!

Is there a way to have the information emailed to members from the app?


When you create a NEWS or EVENTS release on PLAI, simply click the box that reads, “SEND NOTIFICATION”.

This will ensure that your members receive both a Push Notification (to their mobile app) and an email also!

I’m having trouble creating my Team on the PLAI Mobile App. Can you help?

Oh no… our worst nightmare… YESYou’re our absolute priority, should you need human to human support, just reach out to support@plaisport.com for immediate assistance!

I'm involved in a business, can we advertise on the PLAI platform?


We’re always seeking to build relationships with commercial partners that’ll bring huge value to our users.

We seek to offer INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVITY to our partners. delivering the most competitive rates for industry wide advertising exposure across our 250,000 strong network.

Simply reach out to support@plaisport.com for a partnership deck!

Can I get a personal demonstration?

You betcha!

Simply reach out to support@plaisport.com and we’ll assign you a Club Support Officer in your time zone to support your every need.

How do I change my club logo or shield?

Ooooooh, got a fancy new logo do you…

Just head into your TEAM SETTINGS by pressing the EDIT (Pencil) button in the top right of your team page on the mobile application and upload your new logo!

What is the Members tab?

This is your Member management page!

All the detail you need about your members can be found within this panel.

Our search function allows you to hunt down any contact based upon name or e-mail in a moment, it additionally enables you to add whatever CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES you require about your users (Emergency Contacts, Membership Numbers, Kit Sizes, Shirt Numbers etc.).

Can I change the name of my Team?

Of course! We understand that Clubs can evolve…

Just head into your TEAM SETTINGS by pressing the EDIT (Pencil) button in the top right of your team page on the mobile application and overwrite the team name at the top!

I'm leaving my team. How do I make someone else an Administrator?

Well, firstly, best of luck with pastures new!

All you have to do is:

> Visit your Web Portal via the PLAI Sport website, www.plaisport.com.

> Enter your team page and click MEMBERS, FIND and SELECT the member(s) that you need to assign administrator privileges to.

> You’ll see a big button at the top that says MAKE TEAM ADMINISTRATOR.

You know what to do from here!

Give ’em the reigns and do what you need to do!

How do I activate the Team Shop?

It’s so important that we empower you to minimise cash slippage & maximise your team revenue!

Simply follow the steps below:

> CREATE A STRIPE ACCOUNT here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/register

> Once you have a STRIPE ACCOUNT created, LOG IN to your web portal at www.plaisport.com.

> Reach your Team Page, click SHOP and CONNECT STRIPE ACCOUNT

> Follow the instructions on screen


A couple of short minutes later, you will be connected & ready to start adding items into your Team Shop!

Collect Match Fees, Junior Sport Fees or sell Clothing, Merchandise and Event Tickets via your brand new Team Shop! Monies will hit your account within 3 working days!

How do I get support assistance with team store questions?

We have a global Club Support team, on-hand & ready to support however you need.

Need some help with your Team Shop function, reach out to support@plaisport.com and we’ll assign a Club Support Officer to help you immediately.

Can I select members to invite to specific games or events?


1. CREATE A GROUP specific to this event & assign the specific & participating MEMBERS into that new group (go to MEMBERS > CLICK your PEOPLE > ASSIGN GROUPS).

2. From there, any NEWS, EVENTS, LINKS or SHOP ITEMS can be targetted and shared with whichever specific user group you require!



How do I connect my Stripe account?

Simply follow the below steps…

> CREATE your STRIPE ACCOUNT here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/register

> Once created, LOG IN to your PLAI account via our web portal at www.plaisport.com.

> Click your Team icon & press the SHOP button at the top of the page.

> Click CONNECT STRIPE ACCOUNT and simply follow the instructions on screen!

A couple of short minutes later, you will be connected & ready to start adding items into your Team Shop!

Collect Match Fees, Junior Sport Fees or sell Clothing, Merchandise and Event Tickets via your brand new Team Shop! Monies will hit your account within 3 working days!


What payment methods are accepted for our members or teams paying their registration/invoices?

Every major Credit or Debit Card is currently accepted on the PLAI platforms!

We have big plans ahead, which will include the incorporation of ApplePay, GooglePay and yet more convenient ways that will guarantee you receive your fees!

Can invitations be sent without an email address?

We’re afraid not – The e-mail address is a really key component of our build & the systems use this specific indicator to connect so many parts of your usable components. Thus, an email address is a necessity – Certainly not a bad thing to build out your email database though… you never know when the detail might come in handy!

Can PLAI be used for groups that do not play a sport?


The platform design is intentionally versatile and we guarantee that our modelling will work for your program, sport specific or otherwise!

Why does PLAI show ads?

We are so careful about the role of advertising across our platforms. Advertising is a necessity, in order for us to continue to deliver the platform free of any download costs or subscriptions (which we see to be so, so important! Sport is for everybody… right?).

However, we work to a few key rules when it comes to partnering with advertisers:

> We will engage only with brands for whom reflect the same values as us.

> We only bring partners into our sphere for whom we truly believe can add greater value & further enrich the experience of our users through their deliverables.

> Our design team at PLAI takes full control of the Ad construction. This ensures that the colour schemes & general design flows seamlessly with the trends of the platform & does not create an intrusive or unbefitting user experience, of any kind.


Can I be a member of more than one team?

Oh my gosh yes, yes, YES!

Our platform is unrestrictive.

Is there a Chat function within the PLAI App?

As a Team Administrator, you can choose whether to ENABLE or DISABLE a chat or ‘comments’ section within any specific NEWS or EVENT item built.

To ENABLE, simply click EDIT (via your Web Platform) on any news or event item that they’ve built and pressing the ENABLE COMMENTS button, or vice-versa when things get a little too noisy…