PLAI Announces Price Freeze

4th December 2023

While others are hiking their prices, we’re standing firm…

In the ever-evolving landscape of team management solutions, one constant seems to persist — rising prices that put your budget on edge. If your current platform has recently bumped up its fees, you’re not alone in feeling the financial strain. But what if we told you...

How PLAI helps Granada de CC

27th November 2023

We’ve got some exciting news to share...

“As an emerging club, we are constantly adapting to meet the needs of our members. PLAI Sport allows us to streamline our communication, which frees up time to focus on the important things like generating revenue, instead of getting tied down by…

PLAI Announces Successful Raise

30th August 2023

Achieving a Valuation of £1.7 Million

We are excited to announce the overwhelming success of our recent capital raise. This significant milestone fills the PLAI team with an immense sense of pride and excitement, as the organisation continues to grow in-line with the needs of its many-thousand…

PLAI Join Forces with B.ARS

11th August 2023

Enhancing Performance and Well-Being

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with B.ARS Supplements, a pioneer in providing top-quality nutritional supplements. This collaboration brings together two companies dedicated to promoting optimal health, peak performance…

PLAI x SEIS Advanced Clearance

4th August 2023

PLAI Secures SEIS and EIS Accreditation

We are thrilled to announce our flagship product has received accreditation under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). This recognition marks a significant milestone for PLAI and opens up new avenues…

PLAI Join Forces with Sliderfy

26th July 2023

Bringing Custom Sliders to Community Sport

We are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership with Sliderfy, a renowned company specialising in custom-made sliders. They are recognised for their expertise in design and quality, providing teams with visually captivating sliders…

PLAI Success Team is Expanding

14th July 2023

3 Further High Performance Athletes Join PLAI

At PLAI our passion and commitment to sport runs deeper than our clients alone. We offer success manager roles to full time and part time athletes and coaches to subsidise their income from sport. They help us to identify new sports clubs…

PLAI announce Insurance Partner

12th July 2023

PLAI Join Forces with All Sport Insurance

We are thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with All Sport Insurance, a reputable sports insurance company operating across the UK and Northern Ireland. This collaboration will provide enhanced benefits…

PLAI partner with Pioneer

5th July 2023

Strategic Teamwear Partnership Announced

PLAI are excited to announced an exciting commercial partnership with Pioneer Teamwear, aimed at transforming community sports clubs worldwide. This collaboration will provide members of the PLAI community with exclusive benefits and discounts…

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