What is the App for Sports Team Payments? 

Discover how the PLAI app can securely manage payments for your sports team.   

Managing payments for sports teams can often be a hassle, with cash slippage being a significant issue in community sports. But what if there was a solution that not only maximised your revenue but also streamlined the entire payment process? Enter the PLAI Sports app.

Cash Slippage

One of the biggest challenges in community sports is cash slippage, which is estimated to account for 14% of funds annually. This loss happens due to various reasons, including misplaced funds, manual errors, or even theft. The PLAI app addresses this issue head-on by digitising your financial processes.

Collect Your Fees Efficiently

By going digital, you minimise the risk of lost or mishandled funds, ensuring that every penny is accounted for securely and efficiently, compared to traditional methods of collecting cash or tracking bank transfers that are not only outdated but also prone to errors. This shift not only reduces the risk of cash slippage but also saves time and effort, allowing you to focus more on your team and less on financial management.

No Subscriptions, No Fuss

Unlike traditional team management solutions that require monthly or annual subscriptions, PLAI Sports operates on a different model. You’ll never pay a subscription fee to fully utilise everything our app has to offer. Instead, we charge a small fee per transaction (4.4% + 50p) handled for the club. This ensures that our interests are aligned with yours, promoting a more effective and fair financial management system.

Technological Security and Innovation 

With the PLAI app, you can be confident in the security and organisation of the financial and payment processes for your club. Established in 2020, PLAI Sports leverages contemporary technology infrastructure, which prioritises both security and flexibility. Our modern approach stands in stark contrast to conventional platforms that often rely on outdated technology. This dedication to innovation and user satisfaction has not gone unnoticed.

Recently, we received five prestigious awards: Get App Category Leaders 2024, Software Advice Front Runners 2024, Capterra Best Ease of Use 2024, Software Advice Most Recommended 2024, Get App Best Functionality & Features 2024, while our commitment to quality and user satisfaction is also reflected in our stellar 4.9 rating on the app store, surpassing that of our competitors.

Managing Team Payments Has Never Been Easier

PLAI Sport is THE app for sports team payments. Members can instantly pay for membership fees and one-off fees such as match subs and social events. They can also save their debit or credit cards to the app for seamless payments.  From an admin’s perspective, you can track all payments intuitively displayed on a dashboard preventing you from missing a payment ever again. Automated functions such as the search bar and nudge button also prevent you from having to message and remind members to pay up!

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