PLAI Sport Announces Partnership with ME+U

More Exclusive Benefits for our Members 

In a move aimed at further enriching the experience for our members, we have forged a strategic partnership with ME+U, a renowned brand specialising in cricket footwear. The collaboration promises exclusive benefits for PLAI Sport members, including a substantial discount on ME+U Cricket shoes.

At PLAI Sport we are committed to enhancing the sporting journey of our members, seeing this partnership as a significant step towards providing added value. With a focus on catering to the diverse needs of athletes and enthusiasts, PLAI Sport constantly seeks avenues to offer premium products and services.

ME+U, recognised for its innovative and performance-driven cricket footwear, aligns perfectly with PLAI Sport’s ethos of quality and excellence. By joining forces, we aim to elevate the sporting experience for cricket enthusiasts, providing access to top-tier equipment at unparalleled value.

The highlight of this partnership is the exclusive 15% DISCOUNT on all ME+U Cricket shoes extended to PLAI Sport members. This offer not only enhances affordability but also ensures access to cutting-edge footwear designed to optimise performance on the cricket field.

Speaking about the collaboration, PLAI Founder Scott McKechnie expressed enthusiasm about the benefits it brings to members.

“At PLAI Sport, our mission is to empower our members by providing them with the best resources to excel in their chosen sport. Our partnership with ME+U exemplifies this commitment, offering our members access to premium cricket footwear at an exclusive discount.”

Similarly, Paul Motum from ME+U said,

The partnership with PLAI Sport and ME+U underscores the importance of collaboration in fostering growth and innovation within the cricketing community. We hope to help empower the PLAI cricket commity with access to our bespoke cricket shoes at an exclusive price. 


How to access the discount

PLAI Sport members can redeem the exclusive discount on ME+U Cricket shoes by visiting the PLAI Sport app. Select your club from the top then the DISCOUNTS tab. Scroll down until you see ME+U. Click on ME+U and here you will see the discount code to apply at checkout. 

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