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How we help Dartford CC process thousands in membership fees every season

Life of a Treasurer at Dartford CC before PLAI

Martin Scott is the treasurer at Dartford CC. Before Dartford discovered PLAI it took Martin hours on end to track member payments across cash, bank transfers and trusty IOU’s. He had excel sheets coming out his ears! Managing payments from over 500 members on a volunteer basis alongside his job, family and playing cricket was becoming near on impossible. 

How PLAI has helped

The PLAI app now seamlessly manages all transactions for Dartford CC. Annual memberships, match fees, and equipment are run through the platform meaning Martin can log onto his admin dashboard on his laptop or phone and quickly get an overview of everyone who’s paid. Martin said “It’s so handy having the dashboard on your phone because when a parent can’t remember if they paid their subs or not I can prove it within just 30 seconds out of the field. There is no more worry from my side that I might not have listed it on the excel sheet as it’s all automatically logged on the app”. 

Not only has it taken a weight off Martin but the members have really appreciated the shift away from having to make a detor to the cash point before training to pay in cash. With their debit or credit card saved securely on the app its as simple as a few taps on their phones to make sure they are sorted for the weeks payments. 

“As the captain of Dartford CC, I can confidently say that PLAI has transformed the way our members pay their fees. With its intuitive interface and streamlined process, managing membership and match fees has never been easier. PLAI has truly simplified our financial operations, allowing us to focus more on the game and less on administrative tasks.”

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