PLAI and Pioneer Teamwear

Join Forces to Revolutionise Community Sport

PLAI are excited to announced an exciting commercial partnership with Pioneer Teamwear, aimed at transforming community sports clubs worldwide.

This collaboration will provide members of the PLAI community with exclusive benefits and discounts on all Pioneer team-wear products, further enhancing the experience of teams using PLAI’s innovative platform.

Through this partnership, PLAI members will enjoy a 10% discount on all Pioneer Teamwear products. This exclusive benefit enables teams to access top-notch sporting attire at a reduced cost, ensuring they can perform at their best while representing their clubs with pride. From custom team jerseys and training kits to a wide range of sports accessories, Pioneer Teamwear offers a comprehensive selection to meet the diverse needs of community sports clubs.

We are thrilled to enter into this exciting partnership with Pioneer Teamwear. Together, we aim to revolutionise the way community sports clubs operate by providing them with a seamless and integrated solution for team management and high-quality team-wear. This collaboration will enable teams to focus on their passion for sports while maximising their potential.

 – Scott McKechnie, CEO of PLAI.

Pioneer Teamwear has earned a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality playing and training clothing to sports clubs globally. By combining their expertise with PLAI’s advanced technology, both companies aim to revolutionise community sport through this strategic partnership. With a shared vision of empowering teams and enhancing their performance, PLAI and Pioneer Teamwear are set to create an unparalleled experience for the sports community.

Scott continued, By offering PLAI members an exclusive discount, we want to ensure that community sports clubs have access to top-tier apparel without breaking their budgets. This is just the beginning of our efforts to redefine community sports, and we look forward to working closely with Pioneer Teamwear to drive positive change.

The app’s commitment to minimising cash slippage and facilitating secure digital transactions aligns perfectly with Pioneer Teamwear’s focus on providing seamless experiences for community sports clubs.

We are proud to join forces with PLAI to empower community sports clubs globally. By combining PLAI’s cutting-edge technology with our expertise in team-wear, we are confident that we can provide an unrivalled experience for sports teams. Our goal is to support teams in achieving their best performance while fostering a sense of unity and pride.

– Josh Hurry, Director of Pioneer Teamwear

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