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If you’re a club seeking to enhance your member experience at the club, this is one for you… because live streaming your fixtures is a great way to do it. Create new engagement and harness stronger cohesion between teams, or better celebrate your sponsors with a live stream of your key matches at the club!

You don’t need strong Wi-Fi, or a camera location close to the pavilion. FrogBox has you covered with a range of tools that’ll ensure that regardless of how “out in the sticks” your club might be, you can enjoy the power of live streaming.

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What is Frogbox and How Would it Benefit my Cricket Club?

FrogBox is a ground breaking solution enabling cricket teams and players worldwide to effortlessly capture, produce, and broadcast entire matches automatically. This innovation simplifies live streaming, allowing you to stream high-quality matches directly onto YouTube, onto PLAI and across your social channels.

With FrogBox, you can capture key moments and highlights, fostering a stronger connection between your club and its community like never before. This exclusive discount makes it even easier to experience the benefits of FrogBox.

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To take advantage of this incredible saving, clubs must act quickly. The discount is available for the first 20 clubs to use the code with the offer ending on July 31st 2024. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your cricket club’s match day experience with this substantial £120 saving!

How to Claim Your Discount

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