Points of Difference: PLAI vs 360 Player

Examining the key differences between these two platforms!  

Here at PLAI Sport, we understand the importance of choosing the right team management app for your club. In this comparison, we’ll explore the key differences between PLAI and 360 Player, highlighting what makes us stand out.

Useful Similarities

Before we delve into the primary distinctions between PLAI and 360 Player, it’s important to first highlight the similarities between these two platforms. This includes technological capabilities such as app and dashboard control, and an in-app chat feature, which allows clubs to centralise team communications into one place, minimising WhatsApp notification overload. Both applications also offer a priority support service so that any queries or issues can be dealt with in a timely manner, as well as a facility booking function, allowing clubs to reserve training and playing facilities for a specific time and day, which can also be seamlessly communicated to players and teams within the club.


Unlike other traditional team management solutions, such as 360 Player, you’ll never pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to fully utilise everything PLAI has to offer. PLAI provides a subscription-free service, avoiding imposing monthly or yearly fees on clubs. Instead, we opt for a small charge per transaction handled for the club. This model stands out as superior, as it offers clubs a risk-free approach with the philosophy of “we only get paid if you get paid.”

Alternatively, on 360 Player, the platform is only free of charge to the parents of the players within a club (ads included), with the clubs themselves subjected to a monthly subscription fee, which increases in price if you want to access the more advanced app features they have to offer (Core-£99/month*, Power-£349/month*, All-In-One-£499/month*). However, affordability is not the only key difference between these two platforms, let’s explore these further below…

Unique Characteristics That Set Us Apart:

Sponsorship Opportunities: PLAI provides direct sponsorship for clubs, allowing them to receive additional funding from us and advance their growth.

Product Discounts: Members of clubs using PLAI enjoy exclusive discounts on sporting services, products, and equipment, making it easier to equip your team for success.

Fantasy Gamification: Boost engagement with exciting fantasy gaming elements, adding extra excitement to your sporting events, and generating additional revenue for your club!

Digital Membership Cards: Elevate member satisfaction by providing them with personalised digital membership cards.

Price Beat Promise: We pledge to beat any price you find for a team management platform. That’s our Price Beat Promise.

Direct Contact with the CEO: Every team within PLAI has a direct line to our CEO, reflecting our leadership’s commitment to open communication.

User Satisfaction: Boasting a stellar 4.9 rating on the app store, we pride ourselves on exceeding other team management solutions in user satisfaction, including 360 Player.

At PLAI, we are not just another sports team management platform – we are your ally. With our steadfast commitment to transparency, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we set ourselves apart. While 360 Player offers valuable app features for sports clubs, whether your focus is on affordability (via PLAI sponsorship and our Price Beat Promise), unique functionalities, or enhancing team engagement, PLAI stands out as a strong contender.

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*360 Player Prices are quoted based on clubs with 500 users

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