Contrast: PLAI Sport vs. Heja

Exploring the primary distinctions between these platforms!


We recognise the significance of selecting the ideal sports team administration app for your sports club. Here we’ll delve into the disparities between PLAI and Heja, shedding light on what sets us apart from the rest.

Taking the Financial Risk Away from Sports Clubs

Contrary to typical team management tools, PLAI and Heja (in its standard version) provide a subscription-free service, avoiding imposing monthly or yearly fees on clubs. Instead, they opt for a small charge per transaction handled for the club. This model stands out as superior, as it offers clubs a risk-free approach with the philosophy of “we only charge when you’re earning.”


If you want to access Heja’s full range of advanced services and functionalities (such as payment tracking and unlimited number of admins), you need to pay a monthly subscription fee for Heja Pro of £8.17, whereas PLAI offers its entire suite of app features free of charge and completely ad free for customers transitioning off Heja (unlike Heja in its standard version). PLAI can also offer an array of features that even Heja Pro fails to provide. Let’s delve into these next…

Distinguishing Characteristics That Make Us Unique:

While both PLAI and Heja provide a variety of essential features like chat functionality, product discounts, digital payment gateways, apps & dashboard control, and priority support, we offer an array of exclusive benefits. With PLAI, you have access to:

Sponsorship Opportunities: PLAI offers direct sponsorship for clubs, enabling them to access additional funding from us and propel their development. 

Fantasy Gamification: Elevating engagement through thrilling fantasy gaming elements, injecting an added dose of excitement into your sporting events while also generating supplementary revenue for your club!

Digital Membership Cards: Elevate member satisfaction by providing them with personalised digital membership cards.

Price Beat Promise: We guarantee to beat any price you find for a team management platform. That’s our Price Beat Promise.

Direct Contact with the CEO: Every team within PLAI has access to a direct line to our CEO. Direct communication with our CEO demonstrates our leadership’s commitment.

Facility Booking Feature: This functionality provides an opportunity to enhance facility management through our unified booking system, guaranteeing seamless operations for your club.

User Satisfaction and Technological Superiority: With a stellar rating of 4.9 on the app store, we take pride in surpassing other team management solutions, in terms of user satisfaction.

Our dedication to innovation and quality shines through our contemporary technology infrastructure, prioritising both security and flexibility. In contrast to conventional team management platforms reliant on outdated or older technology, we are primed to address the dynamic demands of our users and embrace industry trends, having been established more recently in 2020. PLAI has also been recognised as a top performer in this year’s Gartner Digital Market awards, particularly praised for its user-friendly interface, seamless registration process, and comprehensive functionality in sports team management technology.


At PLAI, we stand apart as more than a mere sports team management platform – we are your committed ally in achieving success. Through our unwavering dedication to transparency, innovation, and user contentment, we distinguish ourselves from the rest. While Heja presents a commendable option for sports clubs, whether you prioritise cost-effectiveness (through PLAI sponsorship and our Price Beat Promise), exclusive features, or technological advancement, PLAI emerges as a very competitive comparison.

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