Points of Difference: PLAI vs TidyHQ

Understanding the key differences between PLAI and TidyHQ 

As the number of team management platforms continue to grow, we understand that determining the best option for your club can be challenging. However, in this blog, we will explore the key differences between PLAI and the TidyHQ platform, to assist you in making an informed choice for your club.

Subscription Fees and Additional Charges

Contrary to typical team management tools, PLAI provides a subscription-free service, avoiding imposing monthly or yearly fees on clubs. Instead, they opt for a small charge per transaction handled for the club. This model stands out as superior, as it offers clubs a risk-free approach without lofty recurring outlay & in-line with the philosophy of “we don’t earn when you’re not earning.”

Similar to other team management technologies, TidyHQ levy a monthly or annual subscription against the club to adopt its technology. This is in addition to a charge against every transaction facilitated on the platform.

If you want to access TidyHQ’s full range of advanced services and functionalities (such as priority support, and an unlimited activity feed), you need to pay either a monthly subscription fee for their Pro version of $79*, or an annual fee of $890*, whereas PLAI offers its entire suite of app features free of charge.

Additionally, discrepancies between these two platforms also lie in the structure of the transaction fees themselves. PLAI Sport imposes a flat fee of 2.85% per transaction plus 50c*, whereas TidyHQ charges a 2.7% fee plus 50c* in addition to its monthly or annual subscription costs, with these transaction fees being even higher for their standard version at 4.7% + 50c*.

PLAI further offers an array of features that even TidyHQ Pro fails to provide. Let’s delve into these next…

Unique Features That Set Us Apart

Although both PLAI and TidyHQ offer a range of essential features such as chat functionality, digital payment gateways, dashboard control, priority support, and digital membership cards, PLAI provides an expanded suite of exclusive benefits.

With PLAI, you additionally have complete access to…

An Industry Leading Mobile App: Unlike TidyHQ, PLAI has a mobile app available on both the iOS and Android app stores, accessible in 175 global markets. This app contains everything that a modern-day sports program requires into one place, streamlining team communications and simplifying team administration, giving you the ability to instantly receive player availability, announce team selections and collect fees, all whilst on the go meaning seamless club management whenever and wherever you are.

Sponsorship Opportunities: PLAI offers direct sponsorship to clubs, providing them with additional funding to support their growth. For the next 2,500 clubs that fully adopt PLAI, £200 will be immediately sent to the clubs bank account once full migration is achieved.

Product Discounts: Club members using PLAI receive exclusive discounts on sporting services, products, and equipment, making it easier to outfit your team for success.

Fantasy Gamification: Enhance engagement with thrilling fantasy gaming elements, adding extra excitement to your sporting events and generating additional revenue for your club.

Price Beat Promise: We guarantee to beat any price you find for a team management platform with our Price Beat Promise, and that includes TidyHQ.

Direct Contact with the CEO: Every team within PLAI has a direct line to our CEO (to prove it, here’s his email address… scott@plaisport.com) demonstrating our leadership’s commitment to open communication.

Facility Booking Feature: This functionality provides an opportunity to enhance facility management through our unified booking system, guaranteeing seamless operations for your club.

User Satisfaction and Technological Superiority: With a stellar 5.0 rating on Capterra and a 4.9 rating on the app store, we pride ourselves on surpassing other team management solutions in user satisfaction and expert reviews, including TidyHQ.

The effectiveness of our app as a team management solution has also been reflected by the five prestigious awards we recently picked up, including:

– Get App Category Leaders 2024

– Software Advice Front Runners 2024

– Capterra Best Ease of Use 2024

– Software Advice Most Recommended 2024

– Get App Best Functionality & Features 2024

These awards reflect our team’s hard work, dedication, and passion for creating the best sports team management app possible for our users.


In conclusion, while both PLAI Sport and TidyHQ offer valuable tools for team management, the choice becomes clear when examining the distinctive advantages of PLAI Sport. PLAI provides a comprehensive, cost-effective, and user-centric solution that goes beyond the basics, offering a full suite of app features free of charge, without any hidden costs or subscription fees.

With PLAI Sport, you benefit from unique features such as a dedicated mobile app, sponsorship opportunities, exclusive product discounts, fantasy gamification, and a price beat promise. Additionally, our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the exceptional ratings and numerous awards that reflect our platform’s technological superiority and user-focused approach.

For clubs seeking an innovative and reliable team management solution, PLAI Sport stands out as the superior choice, ensuring that your team not only stays organised but also thrives with the added benefits that only PLAI can provide.

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*Please note that the comparison provided here is a like-for-like analysis with the Australian TidyHQ platform. Fees and terms detailed are aligned to PLAI deliverables in the region of Australia and other regions may vary. We recommend verifying specific details relevant to your location or jurisdiction, you can reach out for more information at support@plaisport.com any time.

As of June 20th, 2024, the information provided by PLAI Sport is diligently sourced to ensure reliability and comprehensiveness. However, accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. PLAI Sport assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information on third-party websites referenced herein. Any trademarks mentioned belong to their respective owners.






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