Unveiling the Differences: PLAI Sport vs. Teamsnap

An open and transparent comparison between PLAI and Teamsnap

As the option continue to grow, navigating which platform is best for you club can be difficult. Today, we uncover the key points of difference between tus and TeamsSnap, shedding light on their strengths and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision for your team.

Subscription Fees and User Limits

One of the most significant disparities between PLAI Sport and TeamSnap lies in our subscription models. While TeamSnap imposes monthly subscription fees ranging from $11.99 to $21.99 for basic, premium, and ultra plans, respectively, PLAI Sport breaks the mould by offering our platform entirely free of upfront costs. Furthermore, TeamSnap places user limits on its plans, restricting basic users to 30 members, premium to 40, and providing unlimited access only with the ultra plan. In stark contrast, PLAI Sport imposes no user limits whatsoever, ensuring every team member has access without any additional costs.

App Store Ratings and Technology Stack

Both PLAI Sport and TeamSnap boast impressive app store ratings, with PLAI Sport holding a commendable 4.9/5 and TeamSnap closely following at 4.8/5. However, the differences emerge in the underlying technology powering these platforms. TeamSnap relies on a legacy technology stack, while PLAI Sport leverages modern, cutting-edge technologies to deliver a superior user experience, offering smoother performance and enhanced features.

Transaction Fees and Additional Features

When it comes to digital payment gateways, both PLAI Sport and TeamSnap facilitate transactions for membership fees, kit sales, and more. However, the discrepancy lies in their transaction fee structures. PLAI Sport charges a flat 4.4% per transaction plus 50p, while TeamSnap levies a 3.25% fee plus $1.50 on top of its monthly subscription costs. Additionally, PLAI Sport offers a myriad of features not available on TeamSnap, including a price beat promise, affiliate rewards payments, payment plans, in-app chat, product discounts, free club websites, fantasy gamification, digital membership cards, and in-app feature requests, providing unparalleled value to its users.


In the fiercely competitive landscape of sports management platforms, PLAI Sport and TeamSnap emerge as dominant forces, each offering unique advantages and capabilities. While TeamSnap’s subscription fees and user limits may deter some users, its solid app store ratings and established presence remain appealing to many. On the other hand, PLAI Sport’s revolutionary approach of providing a free platform with unlimited users, coupled with its modern technology stack and extensive feature set, presents an enticing proposition for teams seeking a comprehensive solution without breaking the bank. The choice ultimately boils down to your team’s specific needs and priorities. 

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