How to create a team on PLAI

A Comprehensive guide to creating your team, updating your profile, and activating your key features.

1. Create your Team Profile

Brand identity can never be underestimated. Create powerful brand recognition for your Team by adding your Logo and creating a short bio for your team.

    1. Tap Create a Team
    2. Fill in your team’s details: Club name, email, sport, country, address and timezone.
    3. Add your club logo (square images works best)
    4. Insert any social links for your club
    5. Write a short description of your club. This will be visible to prospective members, so be sure to let them know who you are and what makes your club unique!
    6. Member questions: any questions you need to verify prospective members
    7. Approval of members: Manual or auto-accept new members
    8. Image Carousel: add all of your fantastic team pictures – these will be added to your personalised PLAI website.

2. Create members groups

Groups are the meat in the PLAI sandwich. By adding players to groups, you can send specific news, events and shop items to specific teams or groups of players. Using groups wisely is the best way to organise and manage your members.

    1. Open the Groups Tab
    2. Tap Create a New Group and give it a specific name like “Mena’s 1st Team” or “Club Admins”
    3. Create Nest Groups: you can nest a group underneath another group. Select the parent group you want to nest your new group using the drop-down menu.

Nesting groups help you further organise and customise how you communicate with your members. For example, create a Group for the Senior and Junior sections. Then nest all of your team-specific groups (e.g. U17’s or Senior XI) under the relevant parent groups.

PLAI Recommends: Create a Club Admins Group
Use this Team Admins group to add all your fellow club admins: send test events and shop items, and get feedback from this group before launching your PLAI Team to your ordinary members.

3. Activate your team shop

Reduce cash slippage, boost revenue, and accept payments from your members easily through our secure digital payment gateway provided by Stripe.

    1. Open the Shop Tab
    2. Tap Connect Stripe and follow the on-screen prompts
    3. Follow this guide if you would like to follow step-by-step instructions.

Follow this guide if you would like to follow more detailed instructions.

4. Add your first product

Allow members to pay their membership subscription, buy tickets to social events, or place orders for clothing and club kits.

    1. Open the Shop Tab
    2. Tap Add Product
    3. Fill in your product details Follow this guide if you would like to follow step-by-step instructions.

When adding a new product, you can select which groups it is visible to. This is particularly useful for team-specific events like end-of-year socials or exclude junior teams from seniors-only events.

5. Share your first news article

Keep your members in the loop by sharing news articles.

    1. Open the News Tab
    2. Tap Add New Article
    3. Add your article name and the body text.
    4. Select the specific groups you want to send the article to.
    5. Create more engagement by adding images or a PDF file.
    6. Notify your members via email, SMS, or phone notification.
    7. Allow comments to build your community.

PLAI Recommends: PLAI Migration Announcement
We recommend you share a short article announcing your Club’s migration to PLAI before you import your members. This will reassure your members when they join PLAI, as the first article they will see will be from you and your excitement for joining the platform!

6. Schedule your first event

Events let your members know where they need to be and when! Add matches, training sessions, social events and much more! Plus, they let you track attendance and see who has RSVPed to your event.

    1. Open the Events Tab
    2. Tap Add New Event
    3. Insert your event details like, Time & Date, minimum attendance, and add a map for easy navigation.

You are now ready to import your members!

For our comprehensive guide to migrating your members to PLAI, click here.

In this article

  1. Creating a team profile
  2. Creating members groups
  3. Activating your team shop
  4. Adding your first product
  5. Sharing your first news article
  6. Scheduling your first event

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