How to activate your team shop

Reduce cash splippage, boost revenue, and accept payments from your members easily through our digital payment gateway provided by Stripe.

1️⃣ Open PLAI and open your Shop; click the Connect Stripe button

2️⃣ Enter your email address, Create a password, Enter your phone number, and Submit the verification code (be sure to save your Stripe Emergency Backup Code somewhere safe!).

3️⃣ Set the Business location as {Your Country}, Set the Type of Business as Nonprofit, and Set the Business Structure as an Unincorporated Association.

4️⃣ Enter legal business name as {your team/club name}, Doing business as {your team/club name}, Enter your club address & phone number where prompted.

5️⃣ Define the Industry as Other Membership Organizations, Add your website URL, and Set the Product Description as Community Sports Club.

6️⃣ Enter your personal credentials to verify you as the account creator (this can be transferred at a later date). No need to check the boxes relating to controlling share (25%+) or that you’re a member of the governing body.

7️⃣ Click Continue with No Owners, Then click Continue with No Directors, Select Done, Continue.

8️⃣ Enter the club’s Sort Code and Account Number.

9️⃣ Input the Statement Descriptor and Shortened Description as {your team/club name}, Then click Continue.

🔟 Check over the particulars. Click AGREE AND SUBMIT!

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