How to bulk import members to PLAI

Bulk import your team members and update information like phone numbers and email adresses using our easy-to-use template. 

1. Download the Template

Members can be imported in bulk using a CSV file.
Download the template here.

2. Insert your members’ information

Open the CSV file in Excel or Sheets to insert your members’ information:

Email – your member’s email address
First Name – your member’s first name
Last Name – your member’s last name
Phone Code – the phone code of your member’s cell number, e.g. 44
Phone Number – your member’s phone number
Date of Birth – your member’s date of birth
Country – your member’s country of residence
Groups – list all the groups you wish to add your member to. Be sure to create all of your Groups before you bulk import.
Gender – your member’s gender (male or female)
AccountType – For Team Admins insert: ADMIN. For Ordinary Players insert: MEMBER

3. Upload your document

Once you have added your members’ information to the sheet, you are ready to upload the document to your team on PLAI

    1.  Go to the Members Tab and tap IMPORT
    2. Then tap CHOOSE A FILE
    3. Select your file to import. Next, a preview of your document should appear. Finally, tap CONFIRM & IMPORT when you are ready to import.
    4. Your members will receive an invitation to join your Team – when they accept, they will be added to your team on PLAI.

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In this article

  1. Download the Template
  2. Insert your member’s information
  3. Upload your Document

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